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Main Courses

Vegetable Medley

As usual lately, this is a last minute meal that is comprised of what’s left in my kitchen.  I seem to go for long periods of time where I plan meals and shop accordingly.  Then I have long runs where I’m busy and end up using leftover produce and other ingredients.  This meal didn’t really have...

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Pasta Primavera

There are so many versions of pasta dishes.  Creamy, meaty, cheesy, veggie, oily…the list goes on and on.  White pasta is okay once in a while, in a restaurant for example, but it has been refined and stripped of fibre and key nutrients.  Try to always use whole grain pasta or even better, brown rice...

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Red Lentil Medley

Red lentils are the mildest in flavour, compared to green and brown lentils.  They are excellent to have in both hot and cold dishes, and are a good source of cholesterol-lowering fibre.  Not only do lentils help lower cholesterol, they also help to stabilize blood sugar.  They have a high fibre content which prevents blood...

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Pesto Ravioli

When I’ve been working all day and can’t find time to cook, one of my favourite meals is fresh pasta.  My local store makes ravioli that is incredible!  It is stuffed with a variety of things – sweet potato, portabello mushrooms, roasted red peppers and many more options. Due to its freshness, it only needs...

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Coconut Quinoa

Rather than the usual staples such as bread, milk, flour and sugar, start to switch up your staple foods.  Quinoa, brown rice and lentils are all excellent choices.  They can quickly become the base of your meal, so that all you have to do is ensure that you’ve got lots of vegetables on hand. Coconut oil...

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Mushroom Curry

Curries are a great idea regardless of whether you have lots or little in your kitchen.  They can be complex with many spices and ingredients, or in this case, they can be very simple.  I usually go shopping every other day in our local community and it was time to stock up again.  Green beans and...

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