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As part of my daily blog, I will also start to discuss various ailments and chronic diseases.  If there are any particular topics you would like to hear more about, please feel free to contact me and I can focus on those topics more often. Arthritis affects millions of people all over the world.  It accounts...

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There is life force all around us.  In yoga, life force is referred to as prana.  In order to gain access to this life force, we must breathe deeply.  As we breathe in prana, this directly translates to more energy in the body.  Most of us predominantly breathe with a very small percentage of our lung capacity.  Begin today by making...

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In life, we are always dealing with balance.  This can also be referred to as yin and yang properties, type A and B personalities or feminine and masculine properties.  Too much of one quality can cause a disruption in our lives.  If someone has a high pressured job, experiences extreme stress, sleeps poorly and eats unhealthily, they will eventually burn out.  The energetic...

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A Reminder

I’m away for the weekend at a yoga training conference.  I’ll be learning about teaching simple yoga practices to children through the art of play, music and fun.  It focuses on introducing children to the general aspects of yoga, specifically the importance of the breath and movement.  I was just looking over the manual before...

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