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The Present

The thoughts about ourselves which run through our mind start to become our life’s intentions.  Without judgement, become the observer of your thoughts and begin to look for repetitive patterns.  The thoughts will soon start to lose their power if you don’t give them energy.  A good way to practice is to be “fully there”...

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Finding Balance

Last month I wrote about the effect of technology on our lives.  Sure, it definitely makes it easier – we no longer look at the yellow pages, we don’t have to carry maps with us and we can find our way around a new city’s restaurants without even preparing before.  There are many benefits that come from...

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Changing the Patterns

“Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction.  Break the habit.  Talk about your joys.”              Rita Schiano Why is it so common to focus on the negativity in our lives?  We meet a friend for lunch and the first hour is spent releasing our frustration about life events and people – partners, kids, bosses that are...

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Sources of Toxicity

Toxins are any substances that cause harmful effects or create irritation in the body.  This undermines our health, stressing the biochemical and organ functions. Our bodies are designed to handle a certain level of toxins.  The problem arises when there is an excess intake of toxins over a long time and the body becomes overloaded.  Detoxification occurs when we allow our body...

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Hip Hip Hurray!

Two years ago on this day, my brother Tyler had a really high fever.  Luckily he was living with a few people and they had a thermometer.  I can’t remember what his exact reading was (around 107F), but when they “googled” the temperature, it suggested going to the hospital immediately.  After a day, they realized that...

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