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Hi, I’m Sarah! I’ve been in health and wellness industry for over 15 years. I’m originally from Canada, where I became a yoga teacher and holistic nutritionist. When I moved to London in 2011, I spent many years in yoga studios and wellness clinics but I always found myself drawn to corporate wellness. I have always loved the idea of introducing “wellbeing” to the corporate world. I began running weekly yoga and wellness classes for London offices and although I enjoyed it, I was always drawn to larger events. I had the opportunity to travel with a few exciting brands for their international conferences and I was instantly hooked. I was soon delivering keynote talks during conferences and offering wellness sessions for large audiences. It was a full circle moment because I began my first career in the hospitality industry, managing food and beverage operations for well known hotel chains. Suddenly in the midst of a conference ballroom, rather than providing the table service for 1000 people, I realised I was in a very situation but instead I was motivating the room with wellness sessions.

I live by the motto that life is an adventure and it is never too late to embrace new experiences, especially health and wellness. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. What matters is that we’re enjoying the overall ride. The challenges that come up in wellness sessions are very similar to challenges in our life. They are magnified in yoga and wellness because we can’t distract ourselves with technology or conversations. We are faced with everything directly. When experiencing challenges, I encourage myself and my students to ask “What am I meant to learn from this situation?” If you go crazy in your mind while wobbling in a balance pose, then this is a big eye opener.

I believe that life is all about balance. Enjoy your chocolate, wine and dancing but make sure to do yoga and take some deep breaths along the way! Nourish your soul whenever you can and this will lead to a healthier, happier life.


I went to my first yoga class by mistake. I had just moved to Vancouver and there was a gym across the road from my house. I had never been drawn to gyms but I decided to sign up for a pass. I used to walk around the weight room, not really knowing what to do. One day, I decided to leave shortly after I had arrived and the receptionist caught me. He laughed and suggested a yoga class which was just about to start. I was reluctant but went anyway. As soon as I started moving on the mat, I fell in love with yoga at first sight. When I discovered there was a final relaxation at the end, I was in heaven. It was the perfect recipe! I used to enjoy watching other students arrive looking stressed from their week, but then leave looking very calm. The transformation was always incredible for me to observe.  I continued on with the classes for the next year and then finally thought…I need to do this for a job! If I could be part of helping people rejuvenate and rediscover themselves, I would be the happiest person in the world.

It took me years to combine “Off the mat Sarah” with “Yogi Sarah”. I would feel guilty enjoying wine and cheese with friends and then teaching yoga the next morning. The moment I realised that these are all parts of me, was the moment I reached a new platform – not just in yoga but in my life. It’s all about blending our unique personality in our style of wellness sessions. In 2014, I founded Disco Yoga®, which was designed with this in mind. It turns out I wasn’t the only one who thought that way. It quickly became a renowned success and headlined for major festivals and large corporate events. Combining this with “Conference Wellness” is a dream come true. My two worlds have officially aligned!