I have been on the search for the perfect veggie burger recipe for years.  I’ve tried lots and continue to try many different versions of recipes.  There wasn’t too much in my fridge or cupboard since I just got back from vacation so I attempted a veggie burger with what I had.  I didn’t have any bread or buns in the house, so I made a veggie burger “platter” instead.  I added sliced cucumbers, celery sticks and a dollop of hummus to the plate.

I wouldn’t say that these were my favourite veggie burgers ever, but it gave great satisfaction to take what I had in my kitchen and make a “burger” out of it.  Next time, I’ll add lots more to them and experiment a little more.

It kind of looks like a face from up above!  If you have children and are trying to  incorporate healthy foods into their diet, this is a good way to do it.  Turn the food into different shapes and it really excites them!  Get them involved in the food preparation process if they are a little older.  If they are too young to chop vegetables, invite them to make their own platter with what you’ve prepared.

The ingredients I used were…chickpeas, black beans, onions, shallots, garlic, free range eggs, olive oil, parsley, fresh cilantro (coriander) and chickpea flour.

I fried the garlic, shallot and onions in olive oil to begin with.  Allow the flavours to come out and cook for about 5 minutes.  Let them cool down and top with sea salt and cracked pepper.  Empty the chickpeas and black beans into your food processor and blend them together.  Add a little olive oil or water if you like.  I only had parsley and cilantro on hand so I added that as well.  Use as many fresh herbs as you have though!

I added a free range egg to help bind it all together.  Alternatively, you could use extra flour.  Add a little flour to the mix and blend a little longer.  Try to avoid using white flour as this will raise your blood sugar levels.  It has also been stripped of fibre and nutrients.  Use whole wheat flour instead, or if you would prefer to use gluten free flour, brown rice or chickpea flour is a good choice.

I added the garlic, shallots and onion after but you could blend them as well.  Bring the mixture to a big bowl and add in some extra flour.  I found it easiest to mix it all up with my hands.  Form the mixture into patties or bite size balls.  Cook them over medium heat in a frying pan and add to a fresh bun, wrap or enjoy them on their own.

I will definitely be making another version next week with lots of ingredients.  I will probably add quinoa, lentils, nuts, grated carrots and more fresh herbs.  Stay tuned!