Life is full of things that make us stressed.  We unconsciously hold this stress in the body.  By soaking up stress like a sponge, it begins to accumulate in our body and mind.  If we let these stressors build up, this can result in anxiety, low energy, mood swings and digestive issues.

There are so many quick fixes out there to reduce stress and stress related illnesses.  Do you ever hear commercials saying “Ask your doctor about healthy lifestyle changes”? Chronic emotional stress makes plaque build up quicker in the coronary arteries and also causes these arteries to constrict, reducing blood flow to the heart.

After billions spent on drugs and research, a holistic approach is often the most beneficial way to go.  It is also what your body is asking for, if you really listen.  A holistic diet and yoga practice reflects a practical wisdom. As we do yoga, we become conscious and let go.  By clearing energy pathways, it presents an opportunity to let go of this detrimental stress.  Yoga relaxation for only a few minutes each day increases your resiliency to stress.

Start today.  If you’re feeling stressed, try taking some deep breaths and stretching your body.  Just listen to what it wants.  Or, try out a yoga class nearby.  When it comes to your next meal, ask yourself what your body really wants.  Are your food choices potentially causing stress to your body?  These natural approaches are some of the most effective stress reduction methods ever invented.