Last month I wrote about the effect of technology on our lives.  Sure, it definitely makes it easier – we no longer look at the yellow pages, we don’t have to carry maps with us and we can find our way around a new city’s restaurants without even preparing before.  There are many benefits that come from new phones and computers but how can we manage to stay on top of it all without losing part of ourselves?

We’re very disconnected from ourselves.  Even when we’re not at work, we sit for hours in front of the television or computer, not even realizing that hours have just passed.  While you’re on line, try this… Promise yourself that every 15 minutes you’ll do a body scan.  Observe the sensations in your body.  Listen to what your body may be trying to tell you.  Do a few neck and shoulder stretches.  When we’re not tuned into ourselves, we often ignore and avoid problems that may eventually become chronic diseases.  Use your breath to circulate energy in your body.  The breath will help to keep you present so you can be aware of what’s going on in your body, both physically and mentally.  Ask yourself if there is a better use of your time.  Rather than spending 2 or 3 hours browsing around on line, set yourself 30 minutes twice a day.

Evaluate your relationship with technology.  Rather than blame the technology when you feel distracted or overwhelmed, be in control of it.  In order to do this, we must practice consciousness from within.  We live in a world that is designed to pull us outside of ourselves every second of the day.  We spend more time on social media sites than we do connecting with our real friends.  The world will only get busier and technology will only advance – we can accept these two things.  What we can control is our inner connection, our stability and our ability to be present in each moment.