The other day, I overheard someone saying that they were on a diet and had to carefully count their calories.  Please, please, if you’re on a diet and trying to limit your food intake, stop right now.  Fad diets, calorie-counting diets, high protein diets and point system diets are all a form of torture, not just for your body but for your mind.  They may help you lose weight in the short term but they will usually result in weight gain later on.  Diets operate on restriction and what you should be focusing on is abundance.  Diets are scientifically and nutritionally flawed.  You must have a balanced amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in order to sustain.  When you cut out carbohydrates, your body won’t respond well in the long run.  We must have complex carbohydrates which give us energy, brain power and a positive attitude.  These include grains such as brown rice, millet, rye, barley, quinoa and root vegetables.  Diets also restrict fat most times.  Fat is so essential to our mind and body that a serious reduction will leave our body unbalanced.  Focus on essential fatty acids with a moderate amount of healthy oils, nuts and seeds.  Some specific examples are avocados, sesame seeds, flaxseed oil, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds and extra virgin olive oil.  A diet is not about starving and restricting yourself but introducing an abundance of healthy foods into your life.  Shortly after, you will notice an overall positive effect in your mental and physical state.  Make these changes that you will be able to carry on for the rest of your life!  Start thinking “lifestyle change” rather than “fad diet” or temporary solutions.