Toxins are any substances that cause harmful effects or create irritation in the body.  This undermines our health, stressing the biochemical and organ functions. Our bodies are designed to handle a certain level of toxins.  The problem arises when there is an excess intake of toxins over a long time and the body becomes overloaded.  Detoxification occurs when we allow our body to restore itself.  There is a removal of build up from the body through the use of specific nutrients and treatments.  Toxins are cleared from the body and the cells are able to perform at an optimal level.

Sources of toxicity can be:

External – environmental chemicals, radiation, poor quality foods
Internal – oxidized fat, free radicals
Functional – poor digestion, reduced liver function, sluggish colon, poor elimination through kidneys, respiratory tract and skin
Lifestyle – stimulants, negative thoughts, drugs, relationships, job, media

Forms of Cleansing

Physical detoxification is the most obvious form of cleansing which clears congestion and disease potential.  Yet, there are also other levels of cleansing including:

Mental – cleansing the mind of negative thoughts.  Ways to encourage this form of detoxification include mediation, breathing exercises, music, yoga, and self-help books.

Emotional – Realizing any suppressed negative emotions then replacing these with positive feelings

Spiritual – Uncovering your true desires, experiencing clarity, enhancing your life purpose