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Coconut Quinoa

Rather than the usual staples such as bread, milk, flour and sugar, start to switch up your staple foods.  Quinoa, brown rice and lentils are all excellent choices.  They can quickly become the base of your meal, so that all you have to do is ensure that you’ve got lots of vegetables on hand. Coconut oil...

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Mushroom Curry

Curries are a great idea regardless of whether you have lots or little in your kitchen.  They can be complex with many spices and ingredients, or in this case, they can be very simple.  I usually go shopping every other day in our local community and it was time to stock up again.  Green beans and...

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Cauliflower Mash

If you enjoy mashed potatoes but would like to try a healthier version, mashed cauliflowers are a great option.  It is an excellent way to incorporate more vegetables into your diet rather than starchy foods.  This can improve energy levels and increase nutrition absorption rates. You can enjoy the mashed cauliflowers as a side dish or...

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