Yesterday I wrote about our attention, where we place it and how this affects us.  There are many different ways we can observe this in our lives.  We can start by increasing our awareness.  When we’re mindful of our thoughts and actions, we see what is truly going on inside.  When we stop to observe our behaviour rather than just act impulsively, we can start to place more attention on the positivity and less on the negativity.  The answer is to tie your attention to the solution, not the problem.

One of the best ways to shift our attention is through yoga.  When we first begin a yoga practice, we spend most of our time dealing with the physical aspects of the postures.  Over time, the postures become more familiar to us and we can use our practice to witness our habitual thoughts, fears and desires.  We can view our yoga practice as a tedious obligation that we dread all day.  Or, we can shift our focus and see it as an opportunity to tap into our potential.  This is why it is important to practice every day, even if only for a few minutes.  If you are new to yoga, simply move your body, breathe deeply and focus inwards.  Each time that we practice is an opportunity to observe this process of attention.  Yoga is so powerful because we’re continuously bringing our attention to our body, our breath and our mind, with each present moment.  We allow our bodies to reach their full potential with such an incredible use of attention.

We are wherever our attention is.  Our awareness breathes life into wherever it lies.