There is life force all around us.  In yoga, life force is referred to as prana.  In order to gain access to this life force, we must breathe deeply.  As we breathe in prana, this directly translates to more energy in the body.  Most of us predominantly breathe with a very small percentage of our lung capacity.  Begin today by making a conscious effort to pay attention to your breathing.  Lengthen your inhales and your exhales whenever you can.  Draw in fresh oxygen which supports the life of all living things. Allow the breath to circulate the energy within your body.  Feel your cells coming alive!

As a breathing exercise, take the breath and inhale it up the spine and exhale it out and over the body, then reverse the direction after a few times.  Alternate again and notice the difference as it goes up and down the spine.  Take control of this circulating energy and disperse it to every corner of the body. Now feel your feet.  Feel them so much so that all the awareness is in your feet.  After a few breaths, move this energy to your hands.  Imagine as if the brain power is in your hands.  Now direct the energy to your heart.  Radiate the energy and capture the vibrations of your heart centre.  Notice how it feels to take all of the energy from the brain, where it usually lies, and disperse it evenly throughout the body.

Continue to breathe in this life force, prana, and feel it flowing through your body. Direct it to all areas.  Bring fresh moisture to dry and brittle areas, causing the aches and pains.   There’s a reason you feel like this – so you can bring your attention to these parts and bring life to them.  Connect to the world around you through deep, conscious breathing.  Your breath is a constant reminder that you are an integral part of the universe.  Discover the all the positive benefits as your breath helps to reduce stress levels, enhance your awareness and increase energy levels.