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Spring Cleansing

It has been amazing weather in London for the past few days.  Hovering around 15 to 18 C and sunny too!  It’s incredible what it does for everybody’s spirits.  You can just feel it…people are happier, patios are opening and flowers are blooming. With each new season, it’s a good idea to reflect on the...

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Resistance vs Flow

Many of us live our lives filled with stress, grief, fears, insecurities, doubt and other negativity.  We constantly try to control things around us – people, circumstances and other events.  We see life as an ongoing challenge because we’re often disappointed.  When we do this, we’re resisting rather than accepting life as it is. We...

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There is life force all around us.  In yoga, life force is referred to as prana.  In order to gain access to this life force, we must breathe deeply.  As we breathe in prana, this directly translates to more energy in the body.  Most of us predominantly breathe with a very small percentage of our lung capacity.  Begin today by making...

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