Meditation.  It’s a foreign word for most of us.  For those who have tried it a little, it’s a scary word.  For those who keep coming back to it, the word alone brings thoughts of peace and tranquility.  First of all, why would anyone even bother with it?

Our brains are constantly in “go” mode.  They never stop thinking, even when we’re asleep. Our emotions, moods and thoughts are continually changing.  If we go up and down with every situation, we’ll start to drive ourselves crazy.  When we give ourselves a chance to observe this, it will begin alleviate a lot of the suffering we experience.  The best way to observe our thoughts is through a regular meditation practice.  This sounds very overwhelming though.

Since we’re focusing on an overall mind and body detox for the upcoming weeks, we want to make it easy on ourselves so that we stick to it.  Let go of the image of monks who meditate for days and simplify it so it fits easily into our lives.  What’s a reasonable amount of time to set aside each day and sit by yourself in a quiet setting?  Five minutes?  Fifteen minutes?  Any amount of time is great.  The time doesn’t matter right now, it’s getting in the habit.   If you pick an unrealistic amount of time, then it will just bring forth more frustration. This is a self study with an intention to get to know yourself better and add more peace to your life.

Take a favourite cushion and candle, then go to a quiet place in your house.  Start by slowing down the breath and paying attention to it.  If the weather is nice, it’s also great to find a quiet place outside.  Being surrounded by nature is inspiring on its own, and this can be an excellent time to be with yourself.  Feel the breath as it enters and leaves your body.  Now start to watch your watch your thoughts, almost as if you’re an outsider looking in. Be curious at first, trying to stop any judgement or negativity from taking over.  Let go of any expectations and just observe what you feel.  Watch for any habitual thoughts that enter the mind over and over.  I’m going to leave it at this for now and come back to it next week. When beginning something new, I find that it’s best to avoid overwhelming directions and rules.  See how it goes for yourself.  Enjoy…