Yesterday my blog post listed 5 tips that encourage weight loss.  I seem to get a lot of responses through email when I write about weight loss so I decided to add 5 more tips.  If you want to ask a question or leave a comment, please add it in the comment section below so that it encourages more discussion with everyone.  Hope you enjoy the tips below…

1) Focus on whole foods.

By concentrating on natural foods, they are easily assimilated in the body which conserves a large amount of energy.  One of the main reasons we don’t stay active is because we’re lacking in energy to start with.  Whole foods are nutrient dense so the body receives the essential minerals and vitamins it requires.  The brain turns off the hunger signals once nutrient requirements are met and there is less chance of overeating.  Make sure you can  recognise all your foods as “real” food rather than processed or artificial counterparts.

2) Take the active route.

There are many ways to increase your activity level throughout the day before you even head to the gym.  Climb the escalator rather than stand on the right side.  Take a brisk walk at lunch rather than stay at your desk.  Cycle to work rather than take the tube.  Walk to your appointment rather than take the bus. If you are driving, choose a parking spot that isn’t directly in front of your destination.  These simple tips will increase your activity levels which help you lose weight.

3) Practice mindful eating in a stress free environment.

Many weight issues occur when we experience a disconnection during meals.  We aren’t focussed when we eat at our work desk, in front of the television or computer, in the car or while talking on the phone.  When we consume food without paying attention, it is much easier to overeat.  The pleasure of food has been taken away and we mindlessly eat too much. In addition, stress can cause weight gain.  Take a few deep breaths and let go of your day before you start eating.  Focus on the dining experience and stay present while savouring all the flavours.  Put your fork down between each bite and take deep breaths throughout your meal.  Eat with all of your senses!

4) Eat breakfast every morning.

One of the most common meals to miss is the first one of the day.  Breakfast is extremely important because it provides us with energy for our day ahead.  Skipping breakfast can lead to low energy and fatigue later on.  When we miss breakfast, this usually leads to overeating. Your body misses its morning fuel and wants to compensate. It also assumes that the body is going into starvation mode and will offset this by storing fat.  Enjoy a healthy breakfast to start your day off right.

5) Do a kitchen makeover.

Remove foods from the kitchen that you tend to overindulge in.  You won’t have to deal with the constant temptation if the problematic foods are not there.  Make sure that you have an abundance of nutritious food in your kitchen, including fresh produce and whole grains.  Having healthy food prepared ahead of time prevents reaching for unhealthy snacks. When you’re cooking meals, make extra so that you can have them for healthy leftovers and packed lunches at a later time.