There is a lot of confusion in the subject of fat.  It’s very easy to get baffled by all of the different views and opinions out there. There are two varieties of fat: saturated and unsaturated. Chemically speaking, saturated fats are more stable and are solid at room temperature, an example being butter or coconut oil. Unsaturated fats are more flexible and are liquid at room temperature, for example olive oil or canola oil.

With most foods, but especially fat, it all comes down the quality of the fats. Think about packaged cake versus real cake.  Real cake only lasts for a certain amount of time before it starts to go moldy.  On the other hand, packaged cake can last for ages.  In order to increase shelf life and enhance flavour, these little snacks are loaded with fat, but specifically poor quality fat.  Since fat goes rancid if left too long, processed snacks require more preservatives, stabilizers and emulsifiers just to keep them from going bad.  The fats are also processed, usually under high heat which destroys any nutrients and damages the fat.  We continue to eat more because we’re constantly unsatisfied with our food quality.  And the cycle continues…

As a rule of thumb, always treat yourself to good quality fats and oils.  Organic unsalted butter, organic virgin coconut oil, cold pressed olive oil, and unrefined oils such as sesame, avocado, flax seed, walnut and pumpkin.  If they don’t specify being unrefined, unfortunately they usually are.  Other great sources of fats are nuts, seeds and avocados.

You’ll begin to notice that by treating your body with good quality fats and oils, it will actually help you maintain your ideal weight.  By continuing to eat processed fatty food that lacks true taste and pleasure, we eat more because we lack the basic signals of satiety that flavour gives.

Enjoy these healthy fats on a daily basis.  They are not only delicious, but are great for brain and heart health, weight maintenance and blood sugar balance.


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