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Mixed Spring Salad

Lately I’ve been enjoying mixed green salads a lot.  With all of the fresh spring vegetables on the stands, it makes it very easy to create colourful salads with lots of variety.  Once you have a lettuce variety as a base, add in as many different vegetables as you would like.  Try and add some...

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Berry Salad

With the hot weather in full swing, our body begins to crave foods that are described as “cooling foods”.  These foods are fruits and non starchy vegetables.  They cleanse our body and help to detoxify us through the summer months.  After a winter of cooked food and root vegetables, our body naturally wants to be...

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Sandwich/Salad Combo

Once in a while I really crave a sandwich.  I had a can of tuna in the cupboard so I experimented with some flavours.  I added a little olive oil, red chili peppers, fresh squeezed lime, plain yogurt, fresh coriander (cilantro) and spring onions.  Add that to some fresh whole grain bread and it’s delicious! ...

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Remember Your Colours

A few months ago, I wrote about the importance of colour in your diet.  Each day, I went through the main colour groups in foods and their associated benefits.  Today is just a gentle reminder to add lots of colour to your meals.  If your plate is filled with white potatoes, white pasta or white rice,...

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