In life, we are always dealing with balance.  This can also be referred to as yin and yang properties, type A and B personalities or feminine and masculine properties.  Too much of one quality can cause a disruption in our lives.  If someone has a high pressured job, experiences extreme stress, sleeps poorly and eats unhealthily, they will eventually burn out.  The energetic field changes because it has to.  If we’re lucky, we’ll get a sign, but more specifically we’ll listen to this sign and bring more balance into our lives.

In yoga, there is always a balance in our practice.  As we move through the poses, we root and ground down, but we also expand and grow. If we put too much force into our practice and try to control it, this can lead to injuries.

Nature is an excellent guide for us.  Just as the sun rises, it must also set.  The trees must establish roots in order to grow.  The tide comes in and then goes out.  As we focus in on the world around us, we notice there is balance everywhere.

Look at your life and see where you can invite more balance into it.  To return to a state of harmony, it is imperative to identify the causes of stress and remove them from your direct environment.  Of course, working long and exhausting hours may bring you more money, but what is that doing to your overall state of being?  As we bring this balance in, we not only discover more about ourselves but we feel more energised, authentic and whole.