In addition to my post a few days ago, I’m still intrigued with how many parallels there are between teaching yoga to children and adults.  Here’s a quote that I found interesting today:

“In order to relax the group, get them to imagine blowing away nasty things by cupping hands and taking a long exhalation.  This can be very calming to the mind.”

What a great metaphor for us as adults!  In yoga, we’re often told to let go of our worries, but sometimes we might need that extra push.  As childish as it may sound, try it right now.  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  With each inhale imagine that you’re gathering all of your insecurities, fears, prejudices and doubt.  Let go of anything that is holding you back.   For example – I have always wanted to do ______  but it’s definitely too late now.

Now hold your hands in front of you and blow all of your negativity and judgement into them.  Cup your hands together and hold them tight.  Experience how light you now feel, without any of these things holding you back.  Now, open your hands and blow your worries away.  Do this on a regular basis, especially when you feel overwhelmed or stressed.  Using positive visualisation will not only help to counteract this stress but will create a more positive life overall.