Sprouts are one of the most nutritious and alkaline foods available to us.  They are rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.  In particular, they are living food so they contain raw enzymes.  A sprout possesses all of the energy and power that enables it to be transformed from a small seed to a large plant.  At this point of their life span, sprouts holds more power than any other time, because of what’s required of them during this transition stage.  Once plants and vegetables are picked, they begin to lose their nutrient content immediately, and this becomes a problem when eating foods from far away.  By the time they are picked, flown to the other side of the world, sit in supermarkets, then wait in your home, they often lose most of their nutrient content.

Lately I’ve been adding sprouts to everything, even dishes that don’t seem likely to have sprouts on them.  They’re great as garnish, so just add a little to every plate and you’ll increase your energy and nutrient levels dramatically.

Today I added sprouts to the side of my pasta.  I had two different kinds – alfalfa and lentil sprouts.  They would also be great to add on top of cold pasta salad.  Just get into a habit of having them more often.  Adding them to your sandwich is also a great idea.

The nutritious value of sprouts is remarkable, particularly because they continue to grow and gain vitamins after being harvested.  They also have a high concentration of phytochemicals, anti-oxidants and trace minerals which all invigorate the body’s immune system.  The abundant enzymes in sprouts also make them easily digestible.  The body doesn’t need to use its own enzymes to break them down, which leaves us with more energy.

The pasta I made is similar to one that I always make.  It has an olive oil and garlic base, with brown rice pasta and lots of greens – zucchini (courgette), broccoli, spinach, parsley and basil.  Top it with some feta cheese and red chili flakes – simple and delicious!  The sprouts and sliced cucumbers can just sit on the side of the dish.  Make enough so that you have leftovers.  You can toss everything together and store in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch.

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