Pasta can be a great choice for your meals.  Like many dishes, it’s possible to eat healthy and unhealthy versions of pasta.  If you use a lot of butter, cheese and meat, this can slow down the body’s digestive system.  Bloating, gas and indigestion can occur if we’re eating a lot of heavy meals.

If you often feel lethargic after eating pasta, try using brown rice pasta.  It is easier for the body to digest and won’t raise your blood sugar like white pasta.  Any time something has been refined, the fibre and nutrients are stripped, causing the blood sugar to rise.  Whole grain options are always much better for the body.

If you’re used to heavier pastas, make your next one filled with lots of vegetables.  You can add any vegetables you like and they will add lots of nutrients to your meal.  One of my favourite pastas is a simple one with the ingredients shown in the photos.  Saute a few minced cloves of garlic in good quality olive olive.  Add in a few sprinkles of red chili flakes, then add some cooked brown rice pasta.  Toss the pasta in the olive oil, garlic and chili flake mix until the flavours combine.  Add in a handful of fresh basil and finish off the dish with sea salt and cracked pepper.  Simple, but delicious!

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