I can’t remember where I heard this but someone once asked “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?”   It seems like a strange question at first, but when you really think about it, it’s a question that can lead to a lot of self discovery.  We’re all in the rat race – leading our busy lives, crossing off our “To Do” lists, running errands, doing chores, going to work, and this goes on and on.  Our wheel keeps on spinning and once we finish one list, more things will appear.

What if you took one day, or even one hour to devote to yourself?  If it’s possible, go on walk or visit a cafe and take a few moments to reflect.  Remove any attachments you have that “describe” you.  For example, an employee, a mother, a boss, a sibling, a friend, a pet owner…and just see what’s inside.  Now ask yourself how old you really feel, completely ignoring your actual age.  The answer will have a lot to do with how you carry yourself, how you think, how open you are to new things and how you experience life in general.

As we age, we collect baggage.  We accumulate fears, prejudices, desires, beliefs and judgements.  After a while, these start to become us.  So begin to drop these attachments and allow your true self to unfold.  It’s a guarantee that once these start to disappear, you’llfeel younger.  Your mindset is so important in keeping you youthful.  I always remember my great-grandmother (who lived to 95!) as being very, very youthful.  Even though she couldn’t walk on her own, she would always have balloons around her, bows in her hair and would clap and sing when children danced around her.  When you’re an absolute joy, people want to be around you!  This photo is my amazing friend Mat and I.  I was lucky enough to meet Mat when he was 95 – he was my neighbour and I visited him a few times a week until he died at 97.  He was the most “young at heart” person I have ever met!  We used to have hat parties and he would pull out his collection of hats.  He never complained about his age and taught me so much about life.

I’ll finish with a quote from my friend’s blog.  I was reading it the other day and she wrote something that I found so beautiful…

Speaking of stamina, my friend Samaya is turning 60! I can hardly believe it, I don’t think of her as having an age at all. She’s just sexy, funny her with a hippie heart and a hooting laugh and a great mind wide, wide, wide open to new ideas. Every woman should have a friend who makes her excited to see what being older than she is now is all about.