I started making lunch and began to cook some vegetables, when I noticed that I didn’t have any grains left in my cupboards to eat them with.  Usually I keep a supply of rice pasta, lentils, quinoa or brown rice in my cupboard that I use as the base of my meals.  I decided to just keep adding vegetables in the pot, with some spices, herbs and garlic.  I also made a salad to add to the other half of the plate.  In the end, it was a big plate of vegetables!

I sprinkled some feta cheese on top of the warm veggies and it was delicious.  To keep it dairy free, leave out the cheese.  I also added some avocado to the salad to give it a dose of healthy fats.  So next time you think that there is nothing to eat in your house, do your body a favour and just have a lot of vegetables.  It’s very cleansing for the body to have a break from heavy meats and grains.  Even though the feta is still considered to be a building food, a few crumbles will add some nice flavour to your mixed vegetables.  Your liver loves green vegetables so this will encourage detoxification throughout the body.

If you would like to add some starchy vegetables to your dish, this will help to satiate you and balance your blood sugar at the same time.  Sweet potato and other root vegetable are excellent for lowering sugar cravings in case you have blood sugar issues.  Drizzle a little olive oil on top of the dish for a nice addition!

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