I think everyone loves the idea of going out on a date.  Regardless of whether it’s a first date or a night out with your partner of 50 years, it’s always great to indulge.  It gets us out of our regular routine and most of all, it feels good.

I love the topic of renewal and there are many ways we can aspire to nourish ourselves.  Body, mind and spirit – the main three areas of focus.  We cleanse the body with a holistic diet and cleanse the mind by slowing down our habitual thoughts.  What about our inner spirit?  Our soul?  It’s so easy to get caught up in routines, chores and to-do lists, that we often forget about what makes us truly happy.  We spend most of our lives in a title or a role – parent, employee, sibling, boss, spouse, the list goes on.  If we ever do get time by ourselves, we usually end up doing mundane things.

Why not pamper yourself?  It’s important to nourish your soul on so many levels.  Studies repeatedly emphasise the importance of spirit.  Since the holistic model encompasses the body, mind and spirit as an integrated whole, being depleted in one area can lead to problems in another area.  When we feel lost, this decreases your digestive system’s efficiency which makes it harder to absorb nutrients from food.  This will then lead to lower energy levels.  Eventually a chronic illness can develop if this is repeatedly ignored.  In addition, things like stress, anxiety and depression are often rooted in spiritual malnourishment.  We lose touch with ourselves and there is an emptiness.


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Explore a new area in your city.  Go to a local event.  Enjoy a local park.  Take yourself out for dinner.  Visit a relaxing cafe.  Take a stroll along a favourite path.  Or take a route you normally don’t take.  Anything other than laundry, cooking, cleaning, homework or whatever it is you do day in and day out.  Once you begin to pamper yourself on a regular basis, your spirits will start to lift, even if you felt they weren’t low to begin with.  You might even discover things about yourself you never knew.
Getting to know yourself on a deeper level will positively affect not only you but everyone around you.  Start with something small like a bubble bath or a few minutes to read a magazine.  As time goes on, you’ll realize you need this time as much as you need your time with loved ones.  Let go of any expectations and enjoy the process…