We can use food in a way that works for us or against us – the choice is ours.  We have this choice every time we eat a meal. If we want to support the body, it is important to choose fresh and healthy foods as much as we can.  If we are new to the concept of detoxifying, we can incorporate positive changes slowly.  Start by increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet.  Rather than focus on eliminating particular foods, it can be  more effective  to add extra healthy foods into your daily routine.  This way, we won’t feel deprived which can then lead to failure.

food 4 003

Fruits and vegetables are naturally cleansing so you’ll start to feel better right away, as your energy levels increase and your digestive system becomes more efficient.  Have fun with it!  Rather than rely on carrot and celery sticks, get creative and see what comes up.  Pick up a new fruit or vegetable that you don’t regularly buy or try a new recipe.   I find personally that it becomes much easier when I’m prepared.  Make sure you have lots of fruits, vegetables and salad dressing ingredients in your kitchen so that you can reach for these items rather than something which won’t benefit your body.

I made this salad yesterday afternoon and it was really easy – just avocados, mixed sprouts and cucumbers on a bed of mixed greens.  For the salad dressing, I added lemon juice, raw apple cider vinegar, fresh basil, sea salt, cracked pepper and flax seed oil.  The flax oil and avocados provide healthy fats for the body to feel satiated much longer.