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Antioxidants.  This is one of those words that seems to come up all the time.  Someone tells us to eat a particular food because  it’s “full of antioxidants”.  While picking out a tea to drink, we see some labels that say “high in antioxidants”.  Even juice bars are naming their smoothies with “antioxidants” as one of the words in the title. ...

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Before we are fully ready to change something, it seems pointless.  The sacrifice of taking time make this change always seems too overwhelming.  For example, we say “I’d really love to start being more active.” Although, our hectic lives take over, the year passes and we still haven’t made a change. If we’re lucky though, there...

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A Reminder

I’m away for the weekend at a yoga training conference.  I’ll be learning about teaching simple yoga practices to children through the art of play, music and fun.  It focuses on introducing children to the general aspects of yoga, specifically the importance of the breath and movement.  I was just looking over the manual before...

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Anti-Aging the Natural Way

Everywhere we look, there are products that promise to make us look younger and reverse the aging process.  Botox, fillers, plastic surgery, creams, lotions, potions…the list goes on. What if it was possible to age well naturally?  Well, you guessed it – it is!  To live beyond 100 years old is not unreasonable if we take care of ourselves regarding diet,...

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