Everywhere we look, there are products that promise to make us look younger and reverse the aging process.  Botox, fillers, plastic surgery, creams, lotions, potions…the list goes on.

What if it was possible to age well naturally?  Well, you guessed it – it is!  To live beyond 100 years old is not unreasonable if we take care of ourselves regarding diet, exercise and other lifestyle factors.  So much of our health is up to us.  The more energy we put into our health and well being on all levels, the better our body will perform.

Some factors that increase aging and degenerating include smoking, nutrient deficient diet, stress, inactivity, chemicals in foods, excess alcohol, overeating and pollution.  On a psychological level, extreme emotions, negativity and pessimistic thoughts all contribute to aging.  Every thought we hold, affects us deep down to a cellular level.  If you’re having a thought that bothers you, focus on another one.  Thousands of thoughts pass by us every minute.  We have the power to positively change our thought processes which thereby affect our overall longevity and well being.

A big part of the equation is listening and acting on your own self awareness regarding health.  Begin to listen for subtle clues that your body might be giving you.  If you notice you feel worse when you eat a particular food, listen to your body.  We come from a culture consumed with popping pills rather than dealing with the source of the problem.  Some of the most popular over the counter drugs are those that minimize heartburn.  Why not trying to avoid the things that cause the problems in the first place?  Be kind to your body and you will reap the rewards of aging kindly.

Here are some guidelines to maintain health and prevent aging:

Avoid nicotine
Eat a chemical free diet as much as possible (no processed food)
Minimize poor quality fat – focus only on good quality fats and oils
Detox or cleanse regularly
Avoid overeating
Drink lots of good quality water
Avoid refined foods (white flour, white sugar, white rice, white bread, etc)

Overall, listen to your body and provide it with the fuel that you need to lead a healthy and happy life!